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The use of hexagons in SST: Hexagons can be widely found in the natural world of science, for example, in the honeycomb cells of beehives, shells of turtles and even in snowflakes – it is one of nature’s most stable engineered forms. The hexagon is nature’s way of optimising the use of resources to achieve efficiency and maximal result. It represents the application of theory of science in the practical world of technology.

The shape is chosen as SST’s secondary element in the form of ‘The Hexagons’ to symbolise the learning and development process, enroute to building a solid educational foundation.
The inner hexagon in “The Hexagons” creates an impression of a 3D block, representing a multi-dimensional thinking process and perspective.

The 6 sides of a hexagon also represent the 6 Applied Learning approaches as follows:

  • Active and Relevant
  • Authentic
  • Community-Focused
  • Integrated
  • Learner-Centred
  • Process-Focused


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