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Mission, vision and values




A Global Leader In Transforming Learning

Our vision stems from our keen awareness of the present realities of Singapore as a global city, and the role that our school can play by realising our raison d’être (reason for being). SST was started as a school specialising in science and technology; we offer an educational experience that is deep in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning, immersing our students in real-world applications which require them to transfer their learning and see connections. SST aspires to push the frontiers of teaching and learning, and be at the forefront of curriculum design, pedagogy and assessment. As a globally connected institution, SST seeks to be an agent of positive change by spreading new ways of learning which will transform education.


To Nurture Passionate Innovators Who Improve Society Through Real-World Applications of Science and Technology

SST provides a holistic education to nurture our students into passionate innovators who will use their knowledge of science and technology to think beyond conventional means, take risks and experiment in order to overcome challenges, initiate change and make a positive difference to human lives. Our graduates will discover themselves, have a sense of purpose and be distinctive in the way that they demonstrate 21st century skills and competencies, which are articulated as the 10Cs in the SST community. Through our unique applied learning approach and innovative use of technology, SST seeks to connect our students’ hands, heads and hearts so that they will be engaged learners in the present, and empathetic digital citizens and leaders in the community in the years ahead.


Forging Excellence

Members of the SST community will embark on every endeavour with passion, commitment, confidence and courage; and a belief that our best efforts will bring about positive outcomes for the common good, whilst developing excellence in personal work ethics and character. SST is an organisation where people care about and work towards being the best they can be, both personally and at the organisational and community levels.

Building an Empowered Community

In SST, we shall build ourselves and others, in every interaction and decision we make, and through respect and responsibility, live our espoused shared values with a sense of efficacy and desire to improve. We shall empower ourselves and others with positive thoughts to explore what is possible and to bring SST to greater heights. We will contribute to constructing the future world that we will inhabit and make it better for generations to come. We will take responsibility of and care for the SST and larger community beyond.

Expanding Learning Networks

SST is an ecological entity unto itself, where individuals with diverse interests, talents and world-views converge as a learning community, and where everyone is interdependent and needs to actively leverage the diversity to share knowledge and build collective wisdom. As part of FutureSchools@Singapore, SST is positioned as a forerunner in learning on the ICT platform, and in leading the way for learning communities in Singapore and beyond.


Life-long learners of Character

who are imbued with intellectual curiosity and humility, and intrinsic motivation to continue to learn and grow, whilst squarely anchored in ethical values.

Creative Thinkers and Innovators

who possess inquiring and inventive minds with the confidence and courage to seize and transform opportunities for the benefit of society.

Collaborative and Independent Problem Solvers

who are self-directed individuals, yet value participation and contributions from others, as they recognise the inextricable interdependence of humanity in managing the challenges that abound.

Dynamic Leaders in Service of Humanity

who are movers and shakers; and who challenge the status quo to improve the human condition.

Active Local and Global Citizens

who are stewards of their lives and the community beyond; and who bridge cultures, beliefs and international borders to create a better world.

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