Supplementary Intake Exercise


The Supplementary Intake Exercise will be conducted for candidates who wish to seek admission to SST (2018 S1 Intake) after the release of PSLE results. This is subject to the availability of vacancies.

Please visit this website again on the day of the release of PSLE results to find out if SIE will be conducted.

Applicants must be currently admitted to mainstream primary schools and have taken the PSLE this year (2017).

Interested applicants may submit their application for SIE 2017 from 7 November 2017, 10.00 a.m. to 26 November 2017, 10.00 a.m.

Applicants have to create a unique account and apply through the following link:



The following documents should be submitted online to complete the application:

  1. Student EZ-Link Card/Passport (or equivalent photo-identification);
  2. PSLE 2017 Results Slip (To be submitted after the release of PSLE results);
  3. MOE S1 Options Form (To be submitted after the release of PSLE results);
  4. P4 & P5 Overall Results;
  5. P6 Prelim Results; and
  6. CCA/Other Achievements/Testimonials (if any).

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be informed and invited to a selection test on 27 – 29 November (TENTATIVE) 2017. Shortlisted candidates are only required to attend one session.


The final outcome of the exercise will be made known to all applicants (via email) by 30 November 2017.  Parents/ Guardians are strongly discouraged from contacting SST for updates on their child/ward’s application in the interim period.

Other Important Information

  1. Candidates who are offered a place in SST will need to sign an acceptance form to complete the SIE.
  2. Successful SIE applicants who have accepted SST’s SIE offer will not be posted to another school under the S1 Posting Exercise. However, if the applicants have opted for Third Language in the S1 Posting Exercise, it will still be processed based on their Third Language choices.
  3. Students admitted through SIE to SST will not receive SMS or be given access to view any posting results through S1- Internet System.
  4. Students applying to SST will continue to participate in S1 Posting to choose their preferred secondary schools and select Third language options, if applicable.
  5. Unsuccessful SIE applicants will be posted based on their school choices and Third language options (if applicable) in the S1 Posting Exercise.
Information is correct as of 31 October 2017.