Art, Design, Media And Technology

ADMT fuses key elements from the various disciplines of Art, Design, Media and Technology into the students’ lesson experiences with the eventual goals of developing them to be creative creators, critical thinkers and innovative global citizens.

We leverage integrated lesson modules such as graphic design, product design, videography and architecture to create a unified learning experience for students so that they can uncover the multiplicity of these disciplines, and understand how these elements can be synergised to produce creative and innovative works. ADMT leverages the Design Thinking and Challenge-Based Learning frameworks to deliver its lesson content. These frameworks play a significant part in ensuring that students are able to apply their content, skills and knowledge.

Learning Objectives

At the end of two years, students will be able to:

  • Apply design concepts iteratively and effectively
  • Apply relevant skills in art, design, media and technology to design and communicate to their intended audiences

Programme Highlights

SST-3M InnoScience Challenge 2017

In line with Singapore’s vision to be a Smart Nation, more than 200 Secondary 1 students from the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST) were placed at the forefront of global megatrends at the 2017 SST-3M InnoScience Challenge.

Themed ‘Liveable Cities’, students from the Art, Design, Media & Technology (ADMT) discipline were tasked to come up with concepts to address future challenges such as Urbanisation, Smart Mobility, and Energy Sustainability.

The most fascinating and innovative projects include electricity-generating water turbines; adjustable road dividers for easing road congestion; magnets that enables effortless lightbulb-changing; and an enhanced user-friendly thermometer.

The SST-3M InnoScience Challenge is a continuation of SST’s collaboration with 3M. The name of the competition was revised to reflect 3M‘s rebranding efforts in late 2015.

ADMT Film Awards 2016

As part of their performance task, students were tasked to create a video based on the theme of Rice.

ADMT Film Awards 2015

As part of their performance task, students were tasked to produce a 5-minute short film to celebrate SG50.


Videography 2014

As part of their ADMT semester-long project, students are given the task to produce a short film of between 5 to 8 minutes long on their interpretation of the theme ‘Communication’.

The Architectural Design module aims to train our students to apply systemic thinking into their projects, in the form of an architectural work. Having to consider the environment as well as other demographic and geographical factors, it sharpens the students’ ability to think and conceptualize at a larger level. The students would also have the added tasks of communicating their concepts visually, through the production of presentation boards. Click on the links below to find out more:

2016 Showcase:
2015 Showcase:
2014 Showcase:
2013 Showcase:
2012 Showcase:
2011 Showcase:

The SunBurST Maker’s Innofest is a programme supported by Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme STEP Sunburst. It aims to build capacity and seed interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) amongst young innovators through a series of maker-centric workshops.

In June 2016, SST students challenged themselves at the SunburST Makers’ InnoFest pilot in the SST Maker’s Lab. Over the course of 2 days, they combined sheet materials and applied electronics skills to realise their creations. An example of their creation include a USB-powered desktop light.

Highlights of the SunBurST Maker's Innofest (June 2016)