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About SST

The School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST) is a Specialised Independent School that offers a distinctive 4-year GCE O-Level programme with an integrated approach to applied learning. Learning in SST is multi-faceted as students gain a strong foundation of key academic concepts in Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The school-wide leverage on Information Communication Technology (ICT) greatly enhances the learning environment and provides the extended learning resources and networks that the digital natives have come to expect. As a “FutureSchool,” SST aims to be a forerunner in using ICT to support educational programmes and enhance the delivery of its specialised curriculum.


55% of the cohort went on to JC/IB Programmes

45% of the cohort went on to Polytechnic institutions

> 900 STEM Awards (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

1 in 5 pioneer students have received scholarships/excellence awards. 

40% of teachers with post-graduate and advanced level qualifications

20 Apps (and counting) created by SST students

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