Mother Tongue Languages

The Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs) department envisions each of its students being nurtured into a “Global Connecting Architect”, effective in the use of a second language to think, plan, create and communicate so that they can confidently venture beyond our shores to connect with other cultures and to frame discourse from foreign perspectives.

MTLs are useful means of communication that can be applied in many aspects of lifefrom social bonding and cultural appreciation, to networking with people from foreign countries. Being bilingual will ensure our graduates have a unique edge in this globalised world, especially as we are located in a region surrounded by countries with people speaking Malay, Indian languages and Mandarin. The rise of major economic powers, such as China and India, is also a strong signal for our young learners to be prepared linguistically so that they can better engage these strategic partners in future, through understanding their language and appreciation of their cultures and norms.

Learning Objectives

At the end of four years, students will be able to:

  • Attain language proficiency in their MTLs so that they can relate and exchange ideas clearly with others and communicate with ease
  • Acquire language skills that are complementary with knowledge gained in other subjects and apply these in the workforce
  • Experience a more holistic education where sound moral principles and values are inculcated through the MTLs
  • Appreciate the rich culture and wisdom that comes with the learning of the MTLs

Programme Highlights

The MTL Fortnight aims to provide opportunities for students to learn MTL and understand their own culture through active participation. In SST, we organise a variety of activities and programmes every year to promote the use of MTL. Further details can be found in the links below:

Ever wondered how Mother Tongue Languages can be taught using Infocomm Technology? View how our students are actively consuming and retaining information through the use of multimedia.

3 students from SST participated in a Malay Language workshop jointly organised by the Malay Language Council, National Heritage Board and Ria 89.7 FM for west cluster schools. The participants caught a glimpse of Ria FM deejays, Aura Shai, Dzar Ismail and Dyn Norahim, at work as they demonstrated their craft as presenters, newscasters and casts of radio commercials.  The session was interactive and it allowed the participants to hone their presentation skills during the practical sessions

SST students, Afiq Prasanto, Muhd Harith Samri and Muhammad bin Mazlan, took the opportunity to mingle with the deejays and interviewed Dyn Norahim to pique his thoughts about the Malay language.

Malay Language students created a webpage on Batik for their Performance Tasks.

Author in ResidenceThe author in residence programme is an initiative by SST to nurture budding writers. Each year, we invite a writer to conduct a workshop to mentor students in creative writing. Further details can be found in this link: