The SST Programme is a four-year course culminating in the GCE O-Level certification.The distinctive SST curriculum provides a choice of applied subjects not offered in totality in any other secondary school in Singapore, namely Biotechnology, Computing, Design Studies, and Fundamentals of Electronics; whilst retaining a fundamental emphasis on core O-Level academic subjects such as English Language, Mother Tongue Languages, Humanities, Sciences and Mathematics.

Best practices and research-based curricular approaches undergird the design of the SST curriculum. The pervasive application of principles from models such as the Wiggin’s and McTighe’s ‘Understanding By Design’(UBD) curriculum design model, the SST ‘Applied Learning’ approach, Apple’s ‘Challenge Based Learning’ model and Treffinger’s ‘Levels of Service’ for Talent Development, guide our efforts in designing learning experiences to meet the varying needs of students.