Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2017

The Secondary 3 students took the Australian National Chemistry Quiz (ANCQ) on the 28 July 2017 received the following awards: 1 student with the High Distinction Excellence (Full Credit) Award 7 students with High Distinction Award 12 students with Distinction Award 34 students with Credit Award The ANCQ is a unique chemical education activity, that … Continued

National Science Challenge 2017

The National Science Challenge (NSC) is a televised science quiz series that was broadcasted on Channel 5 from September to October 2017 to spark an interest in science amongst students as well as the members of public. Each hour-long game show merges both outdoor and indoor science challenges in a bid to promote science education … Continued

Innovation Design Challenge 2017

The Innovation Design Challenge 2017 is organised by the Republic Polytechnic and co-­organised by PIXEL Labs – Info­comm Media Development Authority of Singapore. SST was represented by four teams of students from Secondary 2 to participate in this competition and the following teams achieved the following awards: First Runner-up: Team Alexus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYkELYImg-I Merit Award: Team … Continued

Young Inventors Challenge (YIC) 2017

SST sent a team of two students to compete in the Young Inventors Challenge (YIC) 2017 held at Kuala Lumpur on the 29 September 2017 and achieved the title of Champion for Project Paper Writing. The two students from Secondary 3 reflected that participating in the YIC had been an exciting and eye opening experience. … Continued

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2017

As part of the English Talent Development Programme, SST students took part in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2017. Out of 12,300 submissions, the students clinched these awards: Senior Category: Two Sec 4s with the Bronze Award One Sec 4 with the Certificate of Participation Junior Category: Two Sec 1s with Silver Award Three Sec … Continued

Startathon Junior 2017

Two teams from SST participated in Startathon Junior 2017. One team came in third. The team comprised of students from the ADMT, ICT and I&E Talent Development Programme (TDP). They also clinched the Audience Choice award. Held over two days from 28 – 29 July 2017, this overnight event challenged students to brainstorm ideas and … Continued

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad 2017

On 26 May 2017, 18 Secondary 3 and 4 students participated in the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPhO) 2017 and achieved the following awards amongst 1700 participants: * Silver Award * Bronze Award * Honorary Mention * Certificate of Participation The Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) is a Physics competition organised by the Institute of … Continued

Chips@School 2017

Four teams of SST students from Sec 2 and 3 participated in the Chips@School 2017, with 1 team entering presentation round. Another team emerged as Champions for their innovative design of an engineering solution titled “Grey Water Recycling System for Houses”. The design includes an automated system that allows grey water from showers to recycled … Continued

Community Plumbing Challenge 2017 (Design Week)

SST has supported the Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) over the past years, producing videos that aim to promote impactful community projects. The CPC is one example of how our students are able to apply their skills to a real world application and see the connections between what they do and the impact of their work. … Continued

The Amazing Photo Race 2017

On the 22 July 2017, a few teams from the SST Media Club took part in The Amazing Photo Race 2017. We are proud to announce that one of our teams achieved the award for the Best Series. Organised by Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film, this one-day photography race requires teams of 2-4 … Continued