Academic and Cognitive Abilities

Applicants are assessed on both academic achievements and cognitive abilities based on academic track records and other accomplishments, as well as the outcome of a written test (more details will be released at a later date).


Aptitude for Applied Learning

SST aims to engage our students through Applied Learning approaches. Shortlisted candidates will thus have to participate in a selection activity and be assessed for their suitability  to work and learn in the fast-paced and rigorous environment of the school.


Interests and Motivation

Candidates’ proclivity and passion for areas related to mathematics, science and technology may be gauged through their CCA involvement, student portfolios, teachers’ recommendations and personal statements. Students who have done well in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competitions may be considered favourably for admission.


For admission into Secondary 3, particular emphasis will be placed on personal leadership, academic strength and consistent performance.