Secondary 1 Registration Exercise

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From the Principal

Welcome to the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)! An exciting journey awaits your child at SST. Transiting from primary to secondary school can be a stressful time for both students and parents. We have prepared the following brief to keep you informed of the key administrative matters so that your child’s integration into the SST family will be a smooth one.

SST Secondary 1 Registration Exercise

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Preparation for the new year begins from 25 November 2016. This section provides an overview of the important events and dates leading up to the Badge Ceremony that require your action.

In particular, please pay attention to the following:

    • Submission of information (online and hardcopies)
    • School-related purchases, which should be completed before 3 January 2017
    • Engagement programmes for students (online) and parents (face-to-face)

1. E-mail Receipt From SST

SST will send an email to all parents whose children have been successfully admitted to SST, shortly after the release of 2016 PSLE results. This email will provide important information on getting ready for the start of the school term in 2017.

Parents are required to acknowledge the email and use the information provided to prepare their children for Secondary 1 in 2017.

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2. Purchase of Items

To ensure that students are prepared for the new academic year with minimal disruption to their learning, parents and students are strongly advised to make their purchases early (before the Secondary 1 Registration day).

Type Of PurchaseDates & Opening HoursVenueAdditional Information
School Uniform24 Nov to 30 Dec 2016 (open on most days, not daily)

Click HERE to view sales schedule.

Block B Level 2 @ B-02-04
Supplier’s Info (for enquiries):

Jeep Sing Fashion

Tel: 6456 3198

Business Card

Textbooks & Stationery24 Nov to 30 Dec 2016 (open on most days, not daily)

Click HERE to view sales schedule.

Block B Level 2 @ B-02-03Click HERE to view book, stationery lists and sales schedule.

Supplier’s Info (for enquiries):

Asencio Pte Ltd

Tel: 6764 3102


Learning DeviceOnline order starting from 25 Nov 2016
Online order

Click HERE to view.
See 2.1 Learning Devices

2.1  Learning Device

SST’s 1-to-1 computing programme is an integral part of our school programme to equip students with the 21st century skills for the digital age. The teaching and learning programme will utilise applications from the Macintosh platform. As such, each student will require an Apple laptop to access all the online platforms and tools to engage in SST’s interactive classroom.

The school has negotiated with vendors to offer four different packages (bundled with the AppleCare Protection Plan and Insurance) sold at competitive prices. Parents may transact directly with the selected vendor, Sapura Synergy Pte Ltd, by filling in the online form which has details of the packages.

  • The online order form from Sapura Synergy Pte Ltd will be made available at  from 9 a.m., 25 Nov 2016 onwards.
  • Please contact Mr Ryan Tan for enquiries of the packages offered by Sapura Synergy Pte Ltd:
    • Email:
    • Tel: 9144 4500
  • Parents are to note that lead time is needed to ensure timely delivery of the learning device. The collection of the purchased device can be done before school reopens and parents are strongly advised to place the order online before 1 Dec 2016 so that they can receive the device before school reopens.

Students who already own their personal Apple laptops may continue to use them in SST. However, since they will be using the device throughout their 4 years in SST, their existing Apple laptops should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 2.0 GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz  for MacBook Pro )
    ( 2.2GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz for MacBook Air )
  • 8GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM
  • 512 GB PCIe-based Flash Storage for Mac
    (1 Terabytes Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm for the Entry Level Model (Model 2))
  • Mac OS El Capitan (10.12)
  • The computer should be installed with iWork, which is freely downloadable in the Mac App Store.

For general matters regarding the learning device, please contact:

Mr Ang Ngee Keng
Head of Department, Infocomm and Communication Technology
School of Science and Technology, Singapore
Tel: 6571 7419 

Note:  SST has worked with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (iMDA) to provide the NEU PC Plus Grant, which allows students from low-income households to own a brand new learning device (MacBook) at an affordable price.  Under the programme, SST students fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be able to own a Macbook at a subsidised rate.

Students applying for the NEU PC Plus Grants should not place their MacBook order with Sapura.  The School will arrange to order the Macbook for deployment to successful applicants.  The expected deployment is end Feb 2017.  For more information on the NEU PC Plus Grant Through School, click here.

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3. ICT Matters For Students And Parents

3.1 Email Account

All SST students are assigned an official email account for communication and access to learning resources during their course of study. The official email account will be used for all correspondences between the school and students. Students will require access to this account to attempt the Pre-Engagement Activities (for students).

Click HERE to follow the instructions on signing in to the account.

3.2 Students’ Blog

The students’ blog serves as a platform to communicate announcements and general information to students. This is a public blog where parents can find information that is communicated to the student community.


Both parents and students are strongly encouraged to “follow” the blog to keep posted on the updates. In addition, parents and students can also download the app “SST Announcer” on their mobile phones. The app enables updates to be pushed to the users.

URL (to download the apps):

3.3 Parent’s Letter

A letter will be sent via email to inform you of SST’s current activities and future events on a regular basis. This letter will also be made available on the School Website Parents’ Corner:

3.4 SST Official Website

We have incorporated a list of features in our school website to facilitate better communication between  parents and the school.

The features are as follows:

The tab for Announcements for Parents has been added to the homepage for greater visibility of key announcements.

3.5 SST Official Facebook Page

Regular updates on school events and achievements are posted on our official Facebook page accessible via the link below:

3.6 Pre-Engagement Activities

In SST, students learn a range of ICT skills to apply and demonstrate their understanding (e.g. creation of artefacts). This is in line with the national strategies as well as SST’s goals to prepare our learners to be 21st century-ready.

To prepare your child, a series of Pre-Engagement activities will be rolled out from 1 December 2016 (over 4 weeks, leading to the first day of school) at the Students’ Blog. Students are strongly encouraged to attempt these activities as they will be applying the skills learnt through the activities during the Secondary 1 Orientation and their daily lessons.

3.7 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The AUP is intended to prescribe effective, ethical and lawful use of ICT resources by students and ensure a conducive and safe virtual environment in our learning community. This policy applies to the use of the ICT resources owned and managed by SST, as well as those brought in for use by students in SST. All students are to comply with this Policy.

A printed copy will be issued on Secondary 1 Registration Day and parents are to return the signed copy through their children on the first day of school.

  • Click HERE to view the AUP

3.8 Personal Data Privacy Policy (PDPA)

SST has put in place a personal data privacy policy in view of the enactment of the Personal Data Protection Act effective from 2 July 2014. This is with regards to SST’s collection and use of data belonging to you or your child. SST will/may collect, use, disclose and/or process your child/children and/or your personal data for various purposes. For more details, please view the Privacy Policy on SST website.

If you have any questions relating to our collection, use, disclose and/or process of your child/children and/or your personal data or matters set out in this document, please email us at And if you wish to withdraw your consent in part or as a whole, please state details of your withdrawal request and email it to

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4. Secondary 1 Registration Day Programme

Secondary 1 Registration will take place on 22 December 2016 (Tentative).

Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in the Secondary 1 Registration Day. In the event that parents are unable to register their children on that day, they should arrange for a proxy to register and attend the briefing on their behalf.

(Refer to protocol as given in Part 1: General Information for Admission to Secondary School booklet 1)  MOE Proxy Form

Parents who are unable to do both may contact to make an appointment for registration after 22 December 2016.

4.1 Programme Overview

8.15 a.m. to 8.45 a.m.

After registration, parents will proceed to the Auditorium while students will proceed to the Indoor Sports Hall
Block A, Level 1: Atrium
9.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

Parents: Briefing by Principal and Heads of Departments

Students: Pre-Orientation briefing

Note: All students will report to SST in their Primary School Uniform

Block A, Level 4: Auditorium @ A-04-01

Block D, Level 1: Indoor Sports Hall
10.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.
Further Enquiry

Parents who have enquiries on the following may proceed to the respective venues after the briefing:
  • Mother Tongue & Third Languages
  • Co-curricular Programme
  • Parents for SST (PforSST)
  • Scholarships, Bursaries & Financial Assistance
  • Briefing on Learning Device Care, APP and Insurance by           vendor
  • Collection of Learning Device
  • Block C, Level 3:

    SST Inc @ C-03-07

    Lecture Theatre @ C-03-11

    Multi Purpose Hall

    Learning Oasis 2 @ C-03-01
    10.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

    Parents and students who have yet to purchase their school uniform and textbooks/stationery may make the purchase after the briefing.
    Block B, Level 2:
    @ B-02-04 / B-02-03

    4.2 Documents To Bring For Registration:

    • MOE DSA-SEC Posting Outcome
    • Student SmartCard (EZ-Link Card) or equivalent photo-identification

    4.3 Directional Map

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    5. First Day of School

    The school year begins on 3 January 2017 (Tuesday). Students are expected to report by 7.40 am at the Indoor Sports Hall (Block D, Level 1) in full school uniform (SST T-shirt & pants/skorts).

    More details will be available at this section from 22 December 2016.

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    6. Secondary 1 Orientation Programme

    The Orientation will be held in school from 3 to 6 January 2017 (Tuesday – Friday).

    More details will be available at this section from 22 December 2016.


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    7. Badge Ceremony

    The Badge Ceremony will be held on 6 January 2017 (Friday).

    More details will be available at this section from 22 December 2016.


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    8. Parents’ Engagement Programme (& Registration)

    A series of Parents Engagement Sessions (under the Digital Citizenship Programme) has been planned for parents to provide the necessary support and guidance to their children when they embark on their 1-to-1 ICT-enabled learning in SST.

    Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the sessions. The first Parents Engagement Session will take place on 14 January 2017 (Saturday). To register, please fill up this form.

    1. Parents Engagement Session 1 (14 Jan 2017, Saturday, 0900 hr to 1200 hr)
    2. Parents Engagement Session 2 (10 Feb 2017, Friday, 1430 hr to 1700 hr)
    3. Parents Engagement Session 3 (25 Feb 2017, Saturday, 0900 hr to 1100 hr)
    4. Parents Engagement Session 4 (25 March 2017, Saturday, 0900 hr to 1200 hr)
    5. Parents Engagement Session 5 (21 April 2017, Friday, 1430 hr to 1700 hr)
    6. Parents Engagement Session 6 (22 May 2017, Monday, 1200 hr to 1400 hr)

    A Google+ Community, Parents Engagement@SST – Digital Citizenship has been set up to post event updates and useful tips related to cyber wellness on a regular basis. Parents will be invited to the online community via email after the Secondary 1 Registration Day.

    More details will be available at this section from 22 December 2016.

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    9. General Administrative Matters

    9.1 School Fees And Financial Assistance

    Please click the following links to download the documents pertaining to the payment of school fees and other related information, as well as the Application Form for Interbank GIRO. The application should be submitted to the SST General Office by 31 December 2016 (Thursday).

    No deserving student will be denied a place at SST due to his/her family financial situation. If you require financial assistance, please download and complete the following application form. You may refer to the MOE Independent School Bursary (ISB) Award Framework to understand the entitlement under the scheme.

    You may refer to SST website or call the General Office on Tel: 6571 7200 for enquiry or clarification. All completed forms, together with the necessary documents, should be submitted to SST General Office by 31 December 2016 (Thursday).

    9.2 Traffic Movement And Parking

    Parents will be allowed to drop off and pick up their children at the designated drop-off point (enter from Gate A). However, they are not allowed to park in the school compound. This is to ensure the safety of our students and to avoid traffic congestion.


    The main and side gates near the bus stop are open from 6.45 a.m.

    Latecomers are required to report at the General Office before proceeding to class. To ensure the safety of our students, only the main gate will be open during dismissal time.


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    Information is correct as of 11 November 2016.