The Student Leadership Programme aims to develop leadership competencies and values in SST students so that they will become dynamic leaders in service of humanity. We believe that each SST student has the potential to be a leader able to advocate for a worthy cause for the common good and lead others to impact the community in a positive way. We believe that self-mastery is the foundation in every SST leader. There are many leadership opportunities and platforms available in SST where students are able to develop skills in leading themselves, others and communities.


Learning Objectives

At the end of four years, students will be able to impact the community through the demonstration of the five exemplary leadership practices of the Leadership Challenge (James Kouzes and Barry Posner)


  • Modelling the way
  • Inspiring a shared vision
  • Challenging the process
  • Enabling others to act
  • Encouraging the heart

Programme Highlights

Student Council

The SST Student Council was established in 2012 with the aim of upholding the ethos of the school and representing the school in various local and international platforms as student ambassadors. Since its inception, the Student Council hosted guests from different organisations in various events such as the Official Opening Ceremony and visits by overseas educators and school leaders. Student Council has initiated a number of projects in the school. One such initiative was Advocacy@SST to promote the spirit of advocacy in the school. Student speakers have presented on topics they are passionate about in past sessions. In its efforts to improve the students’ voice, the Student Council organised the SST Student Congress to engage the student population in envisioning for the school through the Appreciate Inquiry process.

Other major school events organised by Student Council include the SST Sec 1 Badge Ceremony and the Student Leaders’ Investiture. As a Student Councillor, there are opportunities are aplenty to improve on important life skills such as public speaking, communication and facilitation skills, event/project management and leadership skills. Student Council also organises the annual SST Student Leaders EOY Camp, which provides an opportunity to share some of these knowledge to the rest of the leaders in the school.


The Peer Support Board (PSB) endeavours to promote a caring, conducive school culture through nurturing and sustaining positive relationships. This core vision is driven by the Board’s future-looking, world-ready and dynamic leaders. The PSB undertakes the role of enculturation in SST by serving and developing the school community through SST’s operative values of Respect, Responsibility, Relationship and Reflection (4Rs). For one, in order to build a sense of belonging to the School right from the outset, the PSB orchestrates the Secondary One Orientation Camp—a significant milestone for any SST student—which is proudly a by-students, for-students initiative. Additionally, to enrich the school experience for all SST students and staff, the PSB initiates, organises and manages projects such as PSBCares, Tea with PSB, Staff Appreciation Week, among many others. In the wider community, the Board also collaborates actively, for instance, by supporting the MOE and MDA’s Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Programme or CWSAP. Indeed, the PSB leadership experience is a unique and fulfilling one replete with opportunities to lead in countless capacities, to serve in a plethora of programmes, and ultimately, to outdo oneself in life.

From 8-13 November 2015, our students participated in the Singapore Indonesia Student Leaders’ Adventure Camp (SISLAC), an annual camp that takes place in Singapore and Indonesia. Activities included outdoor activities, an amazing race, cross-island tours and learning journeys.