Sunburst Make-a-thon 2017

Supported by Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme (STEP), SunburST Make-A-Thon 2017 is an event where the brightest young minds in the country meet to showcase their innovative spirit and entrepreneurial mindset to transform ideas into feasible tangible products.


A deep interest and curiosity in coming out with innovative practical solutions to everyday problems. A detailed schedule on concurrent and training will be provided nearer the event day.

Wednesday, 31 May – Friday, 2 June 2017

(Note that the training component for participants would be on 31 May 2017; the competition component will be a 2 days/1 night event)

The objective of this event is to seed and nurture a maker culture and students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Aesthetics and Mathematics (STEAM) content areas through a maker-centric competition.

Upper Primary school students (Primary 4 to 6), preferably with 5 members per team, and an accompanying staff/teacher. Schools may also now submit more than 1 team for the competition, preferably up to a maximum of 2.

The 5 student participants would each be taking up the following separate roles:

  • Leader: the team leader; the one who would galvanise the team and help to make the toughest decisions, and ensure that the team completes the tasks on hand
  • Designer: the one who has a flair for design, who ensures that the final product looks aesthetically pleasing, but still functional; the one who makes sure that that the collaterals like posters and other media to present their ideas to the public look presentable
  • Maker: the one who would love to get his or her hands dirty, whether literally or otherwise. The main builder, maker, creator….the one who would work things out with the designer, to make sure that the final product is functional, aesthetically pleasing and completed on time
  • Coder: the one who eats, breathes and sleeps codes. Not necessarily a geek, but lines of code don’t bother you one little bit. Someone who loves to troubleshoot when things go wrong. Can, and will work together with the designer and maker, to make sure that things go right from the word go
  • Marketer: the one who can craft a compelling story from thin air, to help market and sell the final product. One who can sell ice to Eskimos, and maybe throw in a bulk discount too! The one who can, and loves to present the team’s ideas, and ensure that the product is ready to be presented and sold. Works with the leader to set the pitch, and the rest to ensure that the final product comes to fruition within the stipulated time

1. How much does it cost to participate?

There is NO cost involved required for participating teams for registration. However teams are expected to bring along sufficient supplementary materials for them to work on to create their models/prototypes.

2. Can a school send in more than 1 team?

Yes, a school can send in more than 1, and preferably cap at 2.

3. How about if my team can’t stay overnight? Would they miss out on anything?

The overnight component is not compulsory for the competition. Teams that are not able to stay would be adversely affected in the competition. However they would be missing on working on the project for a longer duration with their team mates, compared to the others. They might also missed out on some supplementary events happening in the evening, that is meant to bring some excitement to the competition.

4. How is this SunburST Make-A-Thon different than other make-a-thons?

The key difference of this competition is the differentiated roles that we want participating teams to adopt within the team. In addition, having differentiated learning journeys and training sessions would also allow for teams to understand the importance of collaboration and the need for project teams to be diversely skilled, in order to work on a given challenge more effectively.

5. Is it necessary for the team to be accompanied by a teacher? How about another staff?

All participating teams would need to be accompanied by at least a teacher, or an adult member of the school staff, e.g. Allied Educator, that the students are familiar with, and who is able to facilitate with the project discussions.

6. What the details of the competition like?

More detailed information could be obtained from the competition’s Admin Brief, downloadable as a PDF from the link here:

7. What are the things that participating teams must/should bring? What is the packing list for those who wants to stay overnight?

Again, more details on what the participating teams should bring, and the packing list, can be obtained from the Admin Brief here:

8. I can only find 4 members in a team. Is it still okay to participate?

Although it is highly encouraged to have 5 in the team, 4 is still acceptable. However this is the minimum number that the committee is allowing per team.

9. Would meals be provided throughout the duration of the competition?

Yes, the 3 main meals of the day would be provided, as well as 2 tea-breaks (i.e. morning and afternoon). Supper would also be catered for teams that are staying. However, if there are participants who are allergic to certain food groups, it is advised for them to bring their own meals, or to inform the organising committee early to make special arrangements.


10. What are the themes of the competition?

The FIVE generic strands are in the Admin Brief here: , However more specific details would be revealed within the competition to add more excitement to the competition.


11. How do I register if I’m interested? What is the closing date?

After getting the relevant information from the student participants, e.g. full name, class, dietary preferences, tee shirt sizes and specific roles within the team, you can register your school/team at the following google form: . The closing date for registration has been extended to Friday, 12 May 2017.

Registration closes on 12 May 2017.

Click HERE to register.


Different organisations have come together to provide experiences for participants based on the roles adopted by them. Some of the key organisations on board the SunburST Make-A-Thon@SST include:

  • 3D Printing Hub Asia: Participants will get to to work with 3D printer pens, instead of the usual desktop-bound 3D printers. This will enable those in the Maker and Designer roles to produce rapid prototypes of their ideas
  • GreenPac: Participant who adopt the Designer and Team Leader roles will get to experience a learning journey at GreenPac, The CEO of GreenPac and her team, would be helping to facilitate a talk on innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as facilitating a design-centric hands-on activity
  • HomeFix: Participants who adopt the Coder role will get to experience learning journeys at HomeFix and receive training on MicroBits
  • PestBusters: The Marketers in each team will get a chance to visit and learn from PestBusters. A visit to their high-tech command centre is planned, for participants to see and understand how the company leverages technology to stay relevant, such as tracking their vehicles through a screen map of Singapore, whether moving or stationary.
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic  and JA Singapore : Participants will get the opportunity to pick up key marketing and entrepreneurship skills through their exposure to real-life examples from industry professionals, and even from an entrepreneur who won the Spirit of Enterprise Award.


To find out more about our previous Make-A-Thon 2014 event, click HERE.

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