National Cyber Wellness Conference

On 3rd June 2011, SST participated in The National Cyber Wellness Conference organised by BackPackLIVE! Partners, MOE, IDA and Microsoft and was conferred the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Recognition (STAR) Award to honour the students’ active involvement and notable contribution in promoting cyber wellness education among their peers.

The following students represented SST for the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Programme (CWSAP):

  • Jurvis Tan Si Jun  S202
  • Cherin Tan Xiao Fang  S209

Other students who were involved in the planning and organization of the programme include:

  • Azeem Arshad Vasanwala  S203
  • Karan Sarat  S202
  • See To Yu Xiang  S209

The winning programmes were determined by the votes of the conference participants as well as an assessment by a panel of judges. SST has been awarded a certificate and a personal tablet computer sponsored by Microsoft.

The SST Cyber Wellness ambassadors have created a Facebook page CWAT to champion Cyber Wellness in SST. Click here to find out more!