Industrial And Research Attachment Programme (IRAP)

The SST IRAP enables students who are keen on the practical application of their skills and competencies, and first-hand experience in understanding the functions, operations and challenges of the various organisations in their respective industries.

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What are the options available?

SST students are grounded in science and mathematics. However, they are also well-rounded individuals who are adept at using technology. The following are some of projects our students have worked on:

Solar Powered House


Students did a project on harvesting solar energy to support electrical appliances in a household. A prototype was then adopted and tested in a guardhouse of one of the companies our students interned with.



Students did a project in Aquaponics where crops and fish are grown together in a recirculating system, to maximise the use of energy and nutrients. The system allows for the harvest of a large amount of vegetation and fish proteins.

Students in SST take up Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT), a subject that fuses key elements from the various disciplines of Art, Design, Media and Technology into their lesson experiences. One such example is the SST – 3M Innovation Challenge where our students built prototypes using the 3M Innovators’ Toolkit, following a given theme of Education, Safety and Aging Population.

The following are some examples of apps created by our students.

For more apps, search for School of Science and Technology, Singapore on iTunes.
For more apps, search for School of Science and Technology, Singapore on iTunes.

In 2014, our Media Studies students provided media support for the Water Innovation Challenge 2014. The event was hosted at Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East, in conjunction with the Singapore International Water Week 2014. Their coverage included interviews with participants and organisers, documentary footages and highlights from the event.

Our Media Club students were invited by WorldSkills Foundation to cover the Community Plumbing Challenge 2015 held at School 125, Mukit Dham, Nashik, India. The students created a series of educational videos for the first Community Plumbing Challenge together with the Brazilian Autodesk Students.

*Note: Due to the nature of work, SST recommends project-based work where students are not required to be desk-bound.

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For Students

Students in Secondary 2 and 3, who have a quest for learning. You would be able to pick up valuable skills through solving real-life problems.

Unfortunately, due to the school curriculum, attachment period takes place during the mid-year and end-of-year term breaks.

Anything from 1 week to 3 weeks.

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