Innovation And Entrepreneurship

The I & E programme at SST presupposes that innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets can be developed through practice and internalisation of relevant knowledge and skills, which will give students the competitive advantage to function optimally as young working adults.

The delivery of the curriculum is anchored by the principles of SST’s Applied Learning approach that focuses on interactive methods and emphasises Learning by Doing.

The learning resources and case studies are authentic to reflect real-world contexts. In the I & E classes, students largely work in small groups to replicate real-life work environments. In such a set-up, students will have plenty of opportunities to build a repertoire of knowledge and skills related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Learning Objectives

At the end of two years, students will be able to:

  • Attain the foundational knowledge and understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Develop an innovative spirit and an openness to embrace change
  • Understand that innovation is a critical component of the process leading to excellence
  • Demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset of seeking, recognising and seizing opportunities through change, and being resourceful in their endeavours
  • Take considered risks and face challenges in real-life problem solving

Key Programmes

Exploring Entrepreneurship Camp @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP)

All Secondary 1 students in SST attend this two-day non-residential camp jointly organised with the NP School of Business and Accountancy (BA). Here, SST students are mentored by both NP lecturers and selected NP student leaders. They also have the opportunity to interact with successful entrepreneurs.

I & E Charity Bazaar

SST organises an I & E Charity Bazaar annually to help students internalise the enduring understanding that entrepreneurship is a form of social responsibility. Through the process of planning, financing, managing and operating their small businesses, they also experience social entrepreneurship and active citizenship in action. The proceeds are donated to a charitable organisation in Singapore.

Social Innovation Challenge

As part of the curriculum requirement, all students taking the I & E module will complete an authentic task to develop their innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills. Students identify a real-life problem of their choice and apply Creative Problem Solving strategies to design a relevant solution in the form of a product.

Business Pitch Challenge

Secondary 2 students envision a business that meets a social need and identify marketing strategies for the product. The winning teams from each class have the opportunity to pitch to the school’s partners to win funding for their projects.

Deepening and Broadening

Students who show aptitude in I & E are given additional platforms to hone skills such as Modelling, Social Entrepreneurship, Business Pitching and Business Plan Writing. They are mentored by teachers and sometimes external industry partners as they work on projects that meet a need in society. Students also participate in various competitions to pit their skills against peers

Programme Highlights

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E)

As one of the four curriculum organisers in the SST programme, this course aims to instil in students an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, the openness and courage to embrace change and capitalise on opportunities to provide goods and services to improve the quality of life, and contribute to the progress of the community and society. Click HERE to view some of the commercials that our students have produced.

Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise (ICE) Challenge 2013

On 9 November 2013, some of our students from the I&E Talent Development Programme (TDP) participated in the Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise (ICE) Challenge 2013 and obtained the Consolation prize, under the Secondary School I&E Category.

The ICE Challenge is a national level competition that calls for submissions from primary and secondary school students for innovative and creative solutions to identified problems.

National Business Pitch Challenge 2011

In 2011, a group of students designed a product known as the Electro Pump for their Innovation and Entrepreneurship Performance Task. Using this product, they participated in the National Business Pitch Challenge 2011 organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic and clinched a respectable third place. Click here to find out more:

Heritage Brands Challenge 2010

In 2010, a group of SST students participated in the Heritage Brands Challenge 2010 and came in 3rd (Junior Category) for their project on Eu Yan Seng. They published a blog to support their entry in this competition, which provides information about the history and latest news about Eu Yan Seng. Visit these links to find out more: