The school creates an awareness of energy conservation as our way of life through education for both students and staff.

Our approach is authentic and implemented via various platforms in a subtle manner through staff engagement sessions, assembly programmes, learning journeys, and with great impact through our unique applied learning curriculum.

SST has received accreditation for its work in fostering thought leadership and advocacy in the areas of environment conservation. This includes the Lotus Award (2015) and the Gold Award in the Singapore Environment Council (SEC)-StarHub School Green Awards.In particular, the school was presented the Best Energy Efficiency Practices for Public Sector (EENP) Agencies (School) Award. This award, conferred by National Environment Agency, Energy Market Authority, and Economic Development Board, recognises schools that have demonstrated a high level of commitment towards energy conservation.

To inculcate the 21st Century Skills, namely citizenship, intellectual curiosity, and courage through embarking on actions that promote care and responsibility for the environment.

To groom environmentally conscious leaders who will create a positive impact globally.

Focus of SST Environmental Education: SST Flower

Each of the petals of the SST flower represents an aspect of the environmental education programme in SST. The petals in the SST flower are bound by a hexagon that represents the brand element of SST, aligning all programmes with the values of SST at heart.

Cleanliness for Our Benefit

To take ownership to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for all

4Rs for Our Commitment

To adopt the 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse) lifestyle to minimize waste production

Conservation of Our Resources

To instill the responsibility of conserving energy, flora and fauna to minimize climate changes

Sustainability for Our Future

To integrate sustainable practices into daily operations to reap environmental benefits for the futures with the values of SST at heart.

Programme Highlights

SST Environmental Commemorative Days is a year-long initiative by the Environmental Representatives and the Environment Talent Development Programme (TDP) students. The objective is to promote environmental conservation. During days of observation, environmentally friendly habits are strongly encouraged. There are also quizzes and activities for the school community.


SST participated in “The Green Wave 2014”. “The Green Wave” is a multi-year global campaign that enables our youths to make a difference (one school – one project) one step at a time. “The Green Wave” globally unites youths to raise awareness about biodiversity, and the need to reduce its loss. In addition, this initiates a figurative “Green Wave”, which starts in the far East and extends to the West. The tree was planted by our environmental representatives together with Vice-Principal (Admin) Mr Vincent Tan.

The species planted was the Great Hog plant or the Kedongdong (Spondias cytherea), a relatively small fruit tree  with a pineapple-like fragrance. A rich source of vitamin C, the ripe fruits of the plant are eaten raw, cooked or made into a juice. They are also used in the Malay dish, rojak.


The YED Upcycling Competition was open to all students in the secondary schools and post-secondary institutions from 21 February 2014 to 7 April 2014. In teams of three to five, participants had to use unwanted materials to build their product. This is followed by the submission of a video showing the product’s sustainability, durability, and design. The team from SST comprising Shaquille Shazahri (S301), Ain Nuha Hazlan (S301), Chow Zi Jie (S308) and Ng Keen Yung (S308), achieved the Merit Award for the competition with their entry called “Symphonity”.

A group of Sec 4 students initiated the idea of a beach clean up after learning about the structures of polymers and the impact that plastics made on the environment. During the June Holiday period, they gathered participants and the materials required for the beach clean up.

While their actions may be small, the students felt that their collective efforts made a positive impact on the environment. The students shared their findings with their peers during Morning Assembly and further initiated a Say “NO” to Disposables Movement whereby all staff and students were to opt for an environmentally friendlier decision when purchasing food from the canteen stall.

Items collected during beach clean-up

Items packed by students

Every year a group of students actively volunteer themselves at the various wildlife reserves such as Singapore Zoo and River Safari. They go through intensive training to equip themselves with relevant knowledge to share with the public and in the process sharpen their communication skills as well.


SST students embarked on a Marine Conservation Trip to Lombok, Indonesia. The objective of the trip was to learn about marine life and food webs and how human impact has an effect on marine populations and apex predators.

Students were to produce a documentary that depicted their learning journey as a marine conservationist in Lombok. Here are the clips



A group of environmental representatives embarked on a programme to be facilitators for the Learning Trail @ Jurong Lake to learn more about the Singapore Water Story. In addition to water quality testing, students were introduced to the flora and fauna of Jurong Lake.