SunburST Maker’s Innofest and Make-A-Thon 2017

  From 24-26 May, Secondary 2 students participated in the SunburST Maker’s Innofest. Students worked in teams to pitch their ideas whilst taking on different individual roles such as leader, designer, coder, maker, and marketer. From 31 May- 2 June, participants from various primary schools across the nation took part in the SunburST Make-A-Thon@SST 2017.

SST Tech Summit 2017

Held on 13 March, the theme for the SST Tech Summit 2017 is Quality Learning Experiences For Every Learner. Through workshops, keynote presentations and informative breakout sessions, the one-day event focused on harnessing Google-related apps or platforms for education, to promote self-directed learning and collaborative learning among students.

Visit By Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

On 3rd April 2014, SST hosted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. PM Lee and Mrs Lee were given a warm welcome at the school foyer by our Chairman (Board of Directors) Professor Su Guaning and our Founding Principal Mr Chua Chor Huat. PM Lee also met the other members from our Board of Directors, as … Continued