School fees per month

Students are advised to keep the school updated with changes in your citizenship by submitting a copy of your new Identity Card or Passport to the SST General Office. The revised fees will commence from the next month upon receipt of documents.

Effective 1 January 2017
Residency StatusSchool FeesMisc. FeesTotal
Singapore Citizen$300 $30$330
Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)$550 $30$580
International Student (ASEAN)$950$30$980
International Student (Non-ASEAN)$1200 $30$1230

Collection of School Fees

  1.  All fees are collected through the Inter-bank Giro Scheme.
  2. It is compulsory for parents / guardians of students to take part in the Inter-bank Giro scheme. Parents / guardians must have a savings or current account. Fees due from students will then be automatically deducted through the scheme.
  3. The softcopy of the form in PDF is available below:

School Fees Giro Deduction Dates

For 2017
MonthScheduled Date of Deduction
January & February1 February 2017
March1 March 2017
April3 April 2017
May2 May 2017
June1 June 2017
July3 July 2017
August1 August 2017
September4 September 2017
October2 October 2017
November & December1 November 2017