SST admits 100% of the students through DSA exercise.

SST accepts an annual intake of up to 200 Secondary 1 students each year. In addition, from 2012, the school will have a second insertion point at Secondary 3. This will allow late developers or students who discover their interests at an older age to transfer to the school.

SST offers a 4-year, O-Level programme, so it admits students whom it assesses as being suitable to complete such a course. The school has full discretion to select suitable students through the Direct School Admission exercise.

N(A) and N(T) students posted to the mainstream schools will continue to have opportunities to be exposed to applied learning through Applied Subjects, Advanced Elective Modules, and Elective Modules.

You may create an account and complete all the available information  first. Once you have your child/ward’s Primary 6 mid-year result, you can login to update the results and upload the document.

Selection Criteria

All applicants are evaluated holistically in terms of their academic and character performance. You may refer to for more information about our selection criteria.

The selection is based on the performance of the cohort. The school will take into consideration the performance of the applicants’ primary school examination results, written test results as well as their strengths in related areas.

Following evaluation of DSA applicants who sat for the prescribed Selection Test, shortlisted candidates are invited to participate in a Selection Activity, where they will be assessed based on their aptitudes for applied learning. The session normally consists of various activities which provide opportunities for in-depth evaluation of each candidate’s aptitudes and capabilities.

DSA applicants are shortlisted based on their academic strength and consistent performance, the outcomes from the GAT Tests and any CCA Involvement/Achievements/Awards/Teacher’s Reference. Students who have done well in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competitions may be considered favourably.

DSA Outcome

SST receives overwhelming quality applications every year through DSA exercise and can only accept 200 students per intake year.

Students admitted to SST through DSA-Sec Exercise will not be allowed to transfer to another school after the release of the PSLE results as they are expected to honour their commitment to SST, for the duration of the programme that they are admitted into.

International Students

You should participate in the Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS) conducted by Ministry of Education. More information can be found in the link HERE.

In this case, the applicant has to approach MOE Customer Service Office to request for a MOE DSA Registration Number. They can then proceed to apply online to SST and sit for the GAT & CRT tests.

ICT Matters

Both MOE and SST provide financial assistance for eligible Singaporean students. Your child will not be deprived of a place in SST due to financial constraints.

Students will need to purchase a macbook because they are required to use certain educational applications in school that are unique to Mac OS only.

Students may choose not to purchase a macbook as long as their macbook meets the minimum specification requirements. More information will be shared during the Secondary 1 Registration Exercise.