The Youth Service Programme (YSP) is SST’s community involvement programme. It is both an essential and integral part of the curriculum in SST. Through the programme, SST seeks to groom individuals who champion positive social action and serve the community with purpose and enthusiasm. We seek to develop students who are:

Active Contributors to Society

As part of the programme, students will apply relevant knowledge and skills in school-organised or self-initiated community projects. Through this process, our students will make meaningful connections between what they learn and the society at large. In rendering community service, SST students will meet and work with people of different ages, ethnicity and socio-cultural backgrounds. This allows them opportunities to develop and hone their 21st Century skills such as civic-mindedness, cross-cultural understanding, effective collaboration and communication skills.

Learning Objectives


  • To enhance student understanding of local and global issues through related experiential learning experiences in the local community.
  • To develop students’ understanding of the civic responsibilities that come from being part of a community.
  • To develop students’ knowledge of the various components of service through relevant experiential learning experiences.


  • To develop students’ personal effectiveness (self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision making).
  • To develop students’ interpersonal effectiveness (communication and collaboration).
  • To develop empathy of SST students through serving the community.


  • To have students serve the community as active citizens guided by purpose and character.

In January 2017, SST students started the school term with Back to School Service (BASS) projects. Students, staff and parents of SST contributed about SGD $3500 worth of food items to our annual Food Donation Drive. These were then packed by the Secondary 2 students for distribution to beneficiaries at the The Food Bank Singapore.

While our Secondary 3 students engaged the elderly with activities at Lions Befrienders and St Luke’s ElderCare centres, Secondary 4 students also brought the senior citizens from Thye Hwa Kwan on an excursion to the Botanic Gardens. 

SST would like to thank all students, staff and parents for making BASS a success. We hope that their experience from from the week of service has motivated them in their journey as active contributors to society.

In commemoration of SG50, the school planned a series of learning activities to help our students appreciate Singapore’s pioneering spirit, celebrate our nation’s achievements and look forward to the future with confidence.

Adopting the theme of ‘Honouring our Pioneers”, we kick-started this with our Youth Service Programme.

In our first initiative, coined Project Back to School Service (BAS2E) , students, staff and parents of SST contributed about SGD $3418.85 worth of food items to our annual Food Donation Drive. These were then packed by the Secondary 2 students for distribution to the various elderly homes under the Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA).

While our Secondary 3 students engaged the elderly at various branches of St Luke’s Eldercare Centres, our Secondary 4 students brought the pioneers from Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities on visits to museums and the Marina Barrage.

SST would like to thank all students, staff and parents for making Project BAS2E a success. Through their interaction with our pioneers, our students have developed their communication skills and a sense of empathy for others. Their initiative to engage the pioneers and bond with them marks a positive step towards their development as dynamic leaders in service of humanity.

On 23 & 24 January 2014, the Secondary 4 cohort performed a class based community service at 9 elderly homes/centres. Each class actively planned, prepared for and performed their community service at their assigned homes/centres. These included general cleaning services, Lunar New Year sing-along sessions and serving of food to the elderly residents during their meal times. Through their meaningful services, the students were given the opportunity to extend their care and appreciation for the elders in Southwest Community Development Council.

In January 2014, SST reached out to the elderly residents living in the Southwest Community Development Council (CDC) region. Run in collaboration with the SouthWest CDC, the school-wide series of community involvement activities also involved recently graduated students from the pioneer batch who volunteered their time to help their juniors with the food collection. In total, SST managed to collect approximately SGD $8000 worth of food items, of which, SGD $3500 were donated to the 40 families (elderly) under the care of Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA). The rest were donated to beneficiaries from 9 elderly homes/centres in the Southwest CDC area.


The Secondary 4 cohort completed their Flag Day with Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA). Prior to the Flag Day, the students had a front-loading activity to help them understand the rationale for their involvement. Students also consolidated their socio-affective learning in this community service via an assembly session that highlighted some of the key reflections made prior, during and after the Flag Day. CWA was extremely pleased with the proactive attitude of the Secondary 4 students and wrote in to express their heartfelt thanks to our students.

Serving the Community

At SST, we believe that personal and interpersonal effectiveness and leadership knowledge and skills can be taught and nurtured and that opportunities for putting these knowledge and skills into practice will help students become

  •     better stewards of their own lives
  •     principled and ethical leaders
  •     entrepreneurs who are able to model the way
  •     individuals who are socially responsible
  •     caring, active and contributing global citizens.