Talent Development Programme


“Where every student has a talent that needs to be nurtured, developed and sustained.”

In SST, we believe that each and every student is potentially a talent in some specific area(s) and we have provisions in place to facilitate the identification and nurturing of each student’s specific talent based on his or her expressed area(s) of interest.

The SST TDP is based on the Talent Development model by Donald Treffinger.

This model involves the collaboration amongst educators, students, parents and the wider community to ensure that each learner’s educational experience is appropriate, relevant, challenging and differentiated. The Levels of Service (LoS) programming model focuses on providing opportunities for uncovering, nurturing, sustaining and celebrating students’ strengths, talents and interests, starting from where they are currently at in terms of their development, achievement and readiness.

“Talent Development Model – Reproduced with permission from Donald Treffinger”.

More information about the approach can be found Here: