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The School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST) is a Specialised Independent School that offers a distinctive 4-year GCE O-Level programme with an integrated approach to applied learning. Learning in SST is multi-faceted as students gain a strong foundation of key academic concepts in Science, Technology, Aesthetics, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The school-wide leverage on Information Communication Technology (ICT) greatly enhances the learning environment and provides the extended learning resources and networks that the digital natives have come to expect. As a “FutureSchool,” SST aims to be a forerunner in using ICT to support educational programmes and enhance the delivery of its specialised curriculum.

SST caters to students who learn best in an active applied learning environment, where conceptual understandings and transference of disciplinary content knowledge and skills are fostered through cognitively demanding hands-on applications set in real world situations. Sound affective, character and leadership education, national education, and entrepreneurial programmes serve to equip students with the skills and competencies crucial for success in the 21st century and nurture the values-driven and community-responsible person and leader.

This concurrent emphasis on non-academic curricular ensures the cultivation of invaluable life skills and work competencies such as resilience, responsible risk-taking, innovation and entrepreneurial mindset, effective teamwork and communication, and dynamic leadership.

More personalised attention will  be given to our students as SST offers a small class size of 20 to 25 students. The applied learning approaches in SST fosters student engagement and encourages them to explore and acquire not just academic knowledge and skills but also provide an enriching and varied learning experience.

SST students will also benefit from the unique learning opportunities resulting from SST’s strong partnerships with NTU, NP, SUTD and leading industry players such as the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN), Apple Inc., Exploit Technologies (EPTL) and DSO National Laboratories.

The learning experiences at SST will hence produce not only students with excellent GCE O-Level results, but thinkers who are practical, entrepreneurial and innovative.

100% of the cohort are able to advance to Polytechnic

55% of the cohort went on to Junior College/IB Programmes and 45% went on to Polytechnic.


The red ‘S’ symbolises the vibrancy of the school culture and the vitality of students and staff.

The grey interlocking ‘S and T’ represents the integrated nature of the theoretical knowledge of science and its application to technology.

The three blocks extending from the letter ‘T’ represents the close collaboration of the school and our stakeholders.

“The SST colour palette consists of three colours: SST Blue, SST Red and SST Grey. These colours reflect SST’s vibrant personality.”

‘The Hexagons’

The use of hexagons in SST: Hexagons can be widely found in the natural world of science, for example, in the honeycomb cells of beehives, shells of turtles and even in snowflakes – it is one of nature’s most stable engineered forms. The hexagon is nature’s way of optimising the use of resources to achieve efficiency and maximal result. It represents the application of theory of science in the practical world of technology.


The shape is chosen as SST’s secondary element in the form of “The Hexagons” to symbolise the learning and development process, enroute to building a solid educational foundation.
The inner hexagon in “The Hexagons” creates an impression of a 3D block, representing a multi-dimensional thinking process and perspective.

The 6 sides of a hexagon also represent the 6 Applied Learning approaches as follows:

  • Active and Relevant
  • Authentic
  • Community-Focused
  • Integrated
  • Learner-Centred
  • Process-Focused

School Flag

The designing of the school flag started as a post exam activity run by the Student Development Department back in 2011.

During the process of looking for brand elements that would be on the Flag, the 6 sided polygon, the Hexagon, was selected as a symbol that best represented the school. This shape was chosen as a secondary element and brand identity in the form of “The Hexagons” to symbolise the learning and development process, enroute to building a solid educational foundation.

The final flag was revealed at the permanent campus at 1 Technology Drive on 3 January 2012.

School Song

A group of students from the Pioneer batch volunteered to write the school song under the direction of the respective teachers-in-charge. The team held various discussions with the school leaders to single out key messages, metaphors and concepts.

It was decided that the song should include the school’s vision, mission and goals.

The final theme selected was centred on the words: “Transforming Learning, Impacting Society”.

The final version of the song emerged in March 2013. The school choir took two days to learn the school song and recorded it.

apple distinguished school

Apple Distinguished School

SST was previously recognised as an Apple Distinguished School in 2015 & 2016. The school has been re-certified in 2017.

SST’s certification as an Apple Distinguished School highlights our success as an innovative and compelling learning environment that engages students and provides tangible evidence of academic accomplishment.

BCA Green Mark

The school has always emphasised the importance of sustainability and being environmentally friendly. This is underscored by the planning of our our eco-friendly campus, which provides students with access to cutting-edge technological facilities, partially powered by solar panels. In this regard, we would like to share that SST is now the proud recipient of the BCA GREEN MARK GOLDPLUS AWARD.


EENP School Award

In 2015, SST received the Best Energy Efficiency Practices for Public Sector (EENP) Agencies (School) Award conferred by National Environment Agency, Energy Market Authority, and Economic Development Board. The award recognises the Public Sector school that has demonstrated a high level of commitment towards energy conservation.

Friends of Water

In recognition of SST’s contribution towards making the school’s premises Water efficient under the PUB’s Water Efficient Buildings programme, the school has been presented with the Friends of Water certification.


School Green Awards

SST is a proud recipient of the Lotus Award (2015) and the Gold Award in the SEC-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) and 3R Awards 2015 respectively. The 3R Awards (based on the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) recognises our efforts in practising the 3Rs, contributing to better waste management and recycling.

Uniform (2009)

Students need a variety of attires for different activities. Prior to joining SST, the Pioneer batch was given the opportunity to vote for their preferred school uniform.

The final designs were selected based on the votes and the school’s requirements.

In an active applied learning environment, where students are always on the move, the choice of the Polo T-Shirt, Long pants for boys and Culottes/skorts for girls allows students to be presentable yet comfortable.

School Jacket (2012)

The school jacket helps to keep the students comfortable during local and overseas excursions and serves as a means of identification. It can be worn over the SST Polo T-Shirt.

Sports and Wellness Attire (2009)

The uniform comes in 5 versions to represent the House colours.

They are Black, Yellow, Blue, Red and Green. These colours are in reference to the five colours of the Olympic Rings.

Students are assigned their specific Houses when they enter SST in Secondary 1 and remain in the House throughout their journey in SST.

School Blazer (2010)

During formal school events and external competitions, SST students will wear the blazer and tie.

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  1. To provide a holistic and balanced secondary school education with a focus on applied learning, innovation and entrepreneurship in the area of science and technology;
  2. To establish a curriculum that will allow students to be exposed to real world applications, acquire skills and competencies in an authentic context and adopt interdisciplinary approach in their learning which will be facilitated by the pervasive use of Information Communication Technology (ICT), and
  3. To nurture and groom students in becoming entrepreneurs and technopreneurs through internships, attachments and learning journeys to industries, research laboratories and business communities.
Name of Organisation:

Address:1 Technology Drive
Singapore 138572

Contact Information

Name of Contact Person: Eileen Tan
Telephone No: 6571 7206
Fax No: 6872 0856
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Charity Status

UEN No: 200903483M
Charity Regn Date: 23 April 2009
Constitution: Company
Date of Establishment: 26 February 2009

Trustees/Board Members:

Prof Su Guaning

Prof Freddy Boey

Clarence Ti

Prof Kristin Wood L. Wood

Sin Kim Ho

Quek Gim Pew

Chew Mok Lee

Fong Salk Hay

Grace Yow

Inderjit Singh

Key Employees:

Linda Chan (Principal)
Chew Wai Lee (Vice-Principal Acad)
Vincent Tan Boon Tiong (Vice-Principal Admin)


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